Welcome to our page that’s 100% dedicated to dance and where you’ll find class information, descriptions, guides, and links to register. The season runs September thru May and includes drop-in, master classes, and workshops, along with semi-annual shows. These are available to children, teens, and adults of all levels and held at various times throughout the week. We understand there are moments and circumstances that may interfere with attendance, therefore we’ve created a format and schedule to give students an equal balance and choice between in-person and remote instruction. And it’s easy to join with a 3-click subscribe or package purchase, 24/7/365 online access, kiosk sign-in, and real time updates.



our Ballet class includes barre work, center, and across-the-floor exercises. There will be short combos, as well. 60mins | Drop-In



our Mod/Contemp class starts with stretching and ground work. Exercises & combos that use various techniques. 90mins | Drop-In



our Jazz class blends traditional with elements of theater. You’ll revisit turns, leaps, & jumps in exercises/combos. 90mins | Drop-In



our Street Jazz class blends Jazz with elements of Hip Hop. Hip Hop class gives stylized movements & combos. 90mins | Drop-In

DROP-IN CLASS RATES : Single $15 | 2-Class Pkg $25 | 3-Class Pkg $35 | 4-Class Pkg $45 | 5-Class Pkg $50
LEVELS : Recreational | Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Professional
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Children’s Dance Program

REGISTER now - August 24, 2019
Open House* | Free Class Sampler August 17
classes start September 7
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dance kits will be available for purchase August 1
*in-person registration & shoe sizing August 17

Select from:

(5) Basic Leotards: Seamless | Cotton-Spandex
(4) Tights Styles: Footed | Conv | Stirrup | Footless
Ballet Shoes*
Tap Shoes*
Jazz Shoes*
(5) Bag Styles: Duffle | Tote | Drawstring
*age group/class requirement

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CLASS PACKAGES: (beginner level, 2019-20 only)
4-6Y Ballet, Tap, Mat | 45mins
7-9Y Ballet, Tap, Jazz | 60mins
10-12Y Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop | 90mins

No add’l fees to register.
Our dance season runs September-May.
Tuition is due by the first class of each month.
Rates: 4-6Y $55 | 7-9Y $65 | 10-12Y $75
Annual Recital, Quarterly Family Days, Sibling Discount

4-6Y Ballet Shoes - Leather Full Sole (Pink)
4-6Y Tap Shoes - Mary Jane Buckle Strap (Black Patent)
7-9Y Ballet Shoes - Leather Full Sole (Pink)
7-9Y Tap Shoes - Side Buckle Tap Shoes (Tan)
10-12Y Ballet Shoes - Leather Split Sole (Pink)
10-12Y Tap Shoes - Lace Up Oxford Tap Shoes (Black)
**order a dance starter kit with all of the class essentials.


Class Descriptions

Dance Ia (4-6Y): An introductory combination class of ballet, tap, and mat work that promotes technique in each discipline in a fun and supportive environment.

Dance IIa (7-9Y): Builds students technique, terminology and ability to explore, improv, and develop in ballet, tap, and jazz.

Dance IIIa (10-12Y): Pre-teen ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. Traditional and contemporary styles are taught while emphasizing technique, rhythm and emotion.


How to choose the right class for your child All of our programs contain a number of classes that are appropriate for your child’s age group. For the 2019-20 dance season, all of the 4-12Y classes are beginner level (Ia, IIa, IIIa) ; enrolling only those with less than 2 years of training. For future seasons, starting Fall 2020:

I - (Beginner) 0-1 year of training
II - (Intermediate) 2-4 years of training
III - (Advanced) 5+ years of training

Class Times/Dates will be available August 12. You’ll receive an email with the class day/time or options to choose from.

How to register You can register online, by phone, or in person by paying the first month’s tuition. No add’l fee required.

Tuition is due by the first class of every month. Payments can be made online via credit & Apple Pay, auto-pay, cash, check/MO (please make checks payable to Millennium Dance Studio. Stripe is our online payment processor; it’s 100% safe and prevents fraud.

Dress code The studio does not have a structured dress policy, but advises everyone to use good judgement when choosing dancewear. (clothing should not interfere with movement or class time and jewelry should be minimal) An order form to purchase a dance kit that’ll include everything you need to start the dance season will be available in August. Expected ship time: within 2 weeks.

Class Policies & Expectations Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared for class, but we understand that situations do occur. Studio calendars will be provided monthly and weekly updates will be made to the site. In the event of an emergency or weather alert, you will be notified via text and email; injuries will result in a telephone call. No food or gum is allowed inside of the dance rooms. There is a lounge/waiting area with tables and trash cans for disposing. Please take advantage of the amenities within the building while classes are in session. We will not allow your child to leave the building by themselves, they must be picked up by an authorized adult.

Cancellation If you decide to cancel within two weeks of the paid current month, you will receive a 25% refund. No refunds will be given on notices after two weeks. If you cancel after costumes have been ordered and you have a balance, you are responsible for the remainder owed. All pending refunds will be applied to cure those invoices. Any costume paid in full can be picked up or shipped.

LEVELS : adult | teen

Recreational - (zero years +) This is perfect if you want to attend with minimal training, commitments, or use as a fitness alternative. It's a low-intense good time. Familiar moves, repetition, and Q&A. All ages welcome.

Beginner - (zero to very little) Great for someone who has never had a class before or "use to" when they were younger. This could serve as a refresher course. Slower pace, instructional-based with a syllabus for growth and progression. All ages welcome.

Intermediate - (a few) You possess a happy medium between both beginner and advanced. There's a substantial amount of time previously spent in a studio setting, yet there's a few areas for improvement and learning. All Ages welcome.

Advanced - (many years) These are the people who've had a significant amount of training, most likely without breaks. There would be a broad understanding of technique, terms, and the ability to maintain a consistent, high level of execution. All ages welcome.

Professional - Reserved for the active, industry artists.